Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I do anything I want.

Once upon a time, I lived by very strict rules. I would only do things that matter.  I would NOT be superficial enough to shop at a mall. "Ugh".  I would not waste time on frivolous dreams. And I would NOT at all wear lipstick.

Well, things have changed.  I have a new mantra (borrowed from my friend Narinder): "I can do anything I want to do".

I shopped for black patent-leather pumps at a mall.  I wore red lipstick at my best friend's birthday dinner.  ANDDDDDD I am learning French.  I have this fantasy of sitting on a beautiful beach in the south of France, reading a French novel and talking to the locals in their native tongue in a black bikini.  Right now, it is just a fantasy.  As I am barely able to say a sentence besides "Comment ca va?"  But I am TOTALLY working on it.  And by this time next year, I hope to be speaking fluent French and planning a vacation in France... or at least Quebec!

Red Lips!
It is super tempting to put yourself in a box by believing things like: "I'm not the kind of person that does this, or I am the kind of person that does that".  But that box will eventually stop you from living life to the fullest... not to mention creating blocks and shadows (which will cause you to do things that hurt yourself and others).

Be free. Live fully.

Love and Light <3!

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