Sunday, April 13, 2014

I quit my job last month...

I quit my easy, fun job whose pay was not too bad that fit perfectly into my schedule.  I worked 6-11pm a few nights out of the week.  So, my husband was home by the time it was time for me to leave to go to work.    Also, we were on the quarter system so every 12 weeks, I could decide to work more or less.

It was hard to quit.  Not just because of the above reasons.  It was hard because my bosses kept asking me to stay.  The big boss literally asked me if he needed to beg.   Then he threatened to start a petition. My students also asked several times for me to stay “just until they graduated”.  I know it seems like I am bragging – but I am totally being honest.  I have never been so appreciated at a job before.  There are some great people there. (If you are in the Atlanta area with an electrical engineering degree and are looking for a part-time gig, send me your resume!)

I know what you are thinking.  Why would you quit?  All these people out here looking for a good job and you just up and leave yours????

There are a few reasons.  The first reason is because I want to focus on my Holistic Energy business.  Also, my son did not like me to go to work at night.  He hated that I had to leave before dinner and he did not get to see me until the next day.  

The main reason, though is because I want to be authentic in everything I do.  I worked at one of those night schools were the curriculum is very scripted and the students' workload is very heavy.  The curriculum is developed for all the campuses across the nation and leaves very little room for adaptability.  Anyone who teaches knows that it is impossible to implement a scripted curriculum while still maintaining a connection to the class.  Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. So, the expectations (in my opinion) were a bit ridiculous.  I was a lot more laid back than I was supposed to be.  We *may* or may not have missed a few required quizzes.  We *may* have spent more than 50% of the class time talking about how to live a happier life + removing blocks (the former depends on the latter, by the way).  I *may* have even done some energy work on a couple of students who were having a really hard time.  All these things NOT being a part of my job description.

I was always paranoid that my boss would come in and *catch me* not doing what I was “supposed to be doing”.  When in my heart, that WAS what I was supposed to be doing.  My students needed that.  The conflict, though, was eating me up.  So, I told them I had to leave.

My kids are definitely much happier I’m home.   My husband is, too.  The money helped a lot with our financial obligations, but there is nothing like mama being home for dinner, ya know?